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Millenial Pink

October 6th marks the opening of Millenial Pink, a group show of 13 artists. The show will take place at the Ann Arbor Center. Address, press release, and time frame below!

Artists Include: Heidi Barlow (Detroit, MI) | Emmy Bright (Detroit, MI) | Anna Campbell (Grand Rapids, MI) | Debbie Carlos (Lansing, MI) | Gabrielle DeCaro (Pasadena, CA) | Nicole Dyar (Houston, TX) | Riley Hanson (Philadelphia, PA) | Shaina Kasztelan (Detroit, MI) | Jeff Kraus (Brooklyn, NY) | Chelsea Lee (Richmond, VA) | Elise Mesner (Los Angeles, CA) | Victoria Shaheen (Detroit, MI) | Sophie Yan (Detroit, MI)

Ann Arbor Art Center

117 W. Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Millenial Pink // October 6th - November 4th

Press Release:

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